Network Membership

All job boards automatically become part of the network - a network comprising over 4,000 job boards worldwide, where you can then opt in or out at any point, instantly.

The inclusion of your job board in the aggregator software network immediately increases the chances of its commercial success, and provides a number of attractive revenue opportunities for you. It instantly allows you the option to push out and / or receive suitable jobs. You have instant control of the network settings, so can update to meet your evolving needs and requirements.

Deliver results to your customers

When one of your customers posts a job on your job board, you have the option to post the job out to the network by allocating what you feel is a suitable budget. The job is syndicated to other job boards that have candidates of a similar demographic.

Candidates viewing your job on another network job board may apply for your role. Subject to the application being validated as genuine, an 'application fee' is deducted from your budget. The application is delivered to your customer as if it originated from your own site.

At all times, your exposure is limited by's intelligent algorithms. You can never accrue application costs greater than your budget. 

Receive job content and earn revenue

Mirroring the process described above, jobs from the network that match the demographic of your job board are available to be displayed on your site if required.

Not only does this mean that you can benefit from your job board having strong content from the moment of launch, but for every qualified application made to a network job by a candidate on your job board, you will receive revenue.

The network is a click network, as well as the option to buy-sell candidate applications.

Positioned for success

With a comprehensively featured job board from, and with being part of the network, you have all of the elements necessary to be able to setup and run a successful job site. All you need to do is attract suitable visitors to your site, and start reaping the rewards!