Migrating a Job Board

JobBoard.com have a wealth of experience in migrating existing job boards onto the JobBoard.com platform effectively and without seeing a dip in the effectiveness of the live job board.

All job boards that are migrated benefit from project management, which will work within the time frames that are set out at the start of the migration process. 

Staging Sites 

We operate with complete transparency and this is reflected in the creation of a staging site at the start of the project process. This staging site is the job board that will become the live job board on the date of go-live. Creating a staging site allows complete review of:

  • Site Design - including images, layout and any bespoke requirements that can either be based on the live job board or to reflect branding updates / refreshes 
  • Sector Lists - to customise these to reflect the current live site 
  • 3rd Party Integrations - such as multi-posters, backfills and banner advertising management software 
  • Network Set Up - mapping for any backfill jobs from the network
  • RSS / XML Feeds - set up ready for feeds into other sites such as parent websites for latest / featured jobs
  • Meta Data - to enable the job board to be set up for SEO from the launch date 
  • 301 Redirects - to maintain the SEO rankings that have been achieved on the current site and can be run in at database level  
  • Auto-Generated Emails - to review and refine the content included in these 
  • Content Pages - to review and update the content across all pages 
  • Setting Up eCommerce - and allows testing of the process 
  • Rate Cards and Promotional Codes - to ensure that these are correct for the date of go-live 
  • Customisations - to discuss any that may be required 

Data Migration 

As part of the project plan, there will be key dates to be achieved around data migration. We know how poorly migrated data can have a negative impact on the launch of a new site and ensure that our process is tested and pass QA before go-live:

  • Clients - and the associated users, logos and contact details are migrated
  • Live Jobs - are essential to move when clients have paid for an advert to be advertised and the migration of the live jobs allows this continuity
  • Candidates - and all associated job alerts, where job alerts are essential to the continual engagement  


On the date of go-live, full support is provided for DNS updates by our infrastructure team, which also includes the co-ordination of your SSL certificates and SPF record set up.

The Costs...

We have a rate card available for job board clients who are looking to migrate current data, with bespoke monthly hosting options.

For further information on the pricing plans, please contact the team on 01635 527900 or sales@hotlizard.net.