For Recruiters

Your customers need look no further...

Recruiters often face the same repeat conundrum... where should they place their job advertisements?

Your job board, backed by the extensive network, is the answer to their problems.

The job board provides a simple, straightforward eCommerce interface through which recruiters can post their job requirements. The jobs that your clients post are displayed on your job board, where you can up-sell to featured job or featured recruiter, if appropriate.

There is also the option to post each job out to the network to buy in applications. Buying in applications can help ensure that you deliver return on investment to your clients and hopefully facilitate the opportunity for repeat business.

A candidate placement equals a happy customer!

Customers with large or small posting requirements are able to purchase job posting credits up-front, again through eCommerce. Via this mechanism you set the pricing and can offer discounts for bulk purchases, whilst retaining the significant cash flow benefits of transacting solely through eCommerce.

A dip in the database

Candidates registering on your site can opt to make their CV/resume available through your board. has a powerful candidate search function available to recruiters, backed by a proactive candidates-by-email process.

Recruiters may purchase download credits through your site (via eCommerce), permitting them to download a given number of candidate CVs/resumes. This feature is particularly useful for recruiters with a 'hard to fill' position, where the candidate may be dormant, but may well reside in your database.