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Our Product

Introducing a comprehensive job board solution

Having been a leading-player in the job board and recruitment software market since 1999, online recruitment specialist HotLizard has made its Gecko product available as a self-service, self-managed, cloud-based solution. is a software-as-a-service (SAAS) job board solution, founded on the long-established and well-respected HotLizard Gecko job board framework. In just 6-easy steps, and from as little as $149 per month, it is now possible to operate a job board with premium functionality - as well as benefiting from the quality content and revenue opportunities provided by the network.

Designed to complement your brand is available in a number of different design styles. The colors are customizable to meet your branding needs. Your branding is further enhanced by uploading your own logo, and tailoring the site content through the comprehensive content management system (CMS).

Your new job board can operate on any domain name that you have registered. You can operate your board as a top-level site (for example or Alternatively, you could operate it as a sub-domain of an existing site (e.g

Style, backed by considerable substance...

With over 14 years experience of designing recruitment websites and job boards, brings together an almost unrivalled quantity of online recruitment expertise.

The product provides amongst the very best in online recruitment practices, maximizing your chances of providing the very best service to candidates and customers alike.

The full expanse of job board functionality is available in every price plan, and is unrestricted. This includes process streamlining functions such as registration via Facebook®, and "LinkedIn®".

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Built to deliver has been designed and built to deliver results - not only to candidates and recruiters (the end-users), but most-importantly to you, the job board operator.

With every site being a member of the network, the opportunities to earn revenue exist from the moment that your site launches.

Almost uniquely, provides the ability to launch a new job board with a good quantity of quality jobs available to advertise from the very start. Furthermore, for every qualified application made through your board to a network job you earn revenue.

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Comprehensive management functionality

Having established strong foundations with proven processes and functionality, provides you a comprehensive management and reporting portal through which you can tailor, monitor and manage your job board.

The administration functionality has been designed to be both straightforward and user friendly. Through the management functions made available you can control almost every aspect of your job board. Furthermore, if you change your brand (or simply want a design refresh), you can change your template and site colors at any time. This is all included in your site plan, and does not incur any extra costs.

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Mobile and tablet friendly

Every job board has an accompanying 'mobile/tablet friendly' version, with a design configured for giving the premium browsing experience on a mobile phone or tablet. This approach ensures that your visitors have a great user experience, regardless of the device upon which they view your site.

A sound decision

Selecting as your job board solution provider helps to futureproof your business.

With all updates and upgrades are inclusive in your standard monthly fee. This means that you will always be guaranteed to be running the latest version of the product, and have access to all future functionality.

If you ever develop special/bespoke requirements for your job board, a migration path is available to HotLizard's premium Gecko product. HotLizard's expert recruitment industry developers can tailor or bespoke the product to meet your precise requirements, with the benefits of retaining the sound foundations of the core framework - and safe in the knowledge that your candidate/customer data is your own.

Start earning revenue...

Getting started with a job board literally only takes a few minutes.
With a board that has quality job content from the moment it launches, and with revenue earned for each qualified application delivered by users of your job board, you could start earning revenue in no time!