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Resilient, cloud-hosted technology is founded on the latest Microsoft technologies, and harnesses the power of .net 4.5.

The infrastructure is hosted on Microsoft's Azure cloud-hosting platform, and is built as a series of resilient web applications. Each part of the product is hosted on multiple instances, and across multiple locations. This means that if a server should fail at any time, downtime to your job board is minimized (and in all but extreme cases, avoided altogether).

Data separation

The data for your job board is stored in a Microsoft SQL Azure database. This ensures that your data is managed by one of the industry's most respected database engines, and is kept separate from the data belonging to any other customers.

Unlike with some job board providers, your data belongs to you. Should you ever wish to move away from, this data will be made available to you for a nominal administration fee. firmly undertake to never make your data available to 3rd parties outside (or its service providers).

Data backups

All data from your database, along with file storage used by your site, is backed-up on daily basis and kept in secured cloud storage. Data backups are retained for 30-days. The resilient nature of the Azure hosting means it is unlikely a restoration from these backups will ever be required, but they are retained to ensure absolute cover.

Everything through a browser

With being a web-based application, and being cloud-based, this means that there are no servers to setup, and no software to install. The entire setup and management of is performed through a web browser (a PC-based browser, such as Internet Explorer® or Chrome®, is recommended).

Want to host yourself?

If you wish to host your own job board, we recommend speaking to one of the business consultants at HotLizard. Whilst is not available as a self-host product, the Gecko product (upon which is built) is available as a customizable, self-host solution.

What are you waiting for?

Creating your branded job board literally only takes a few minutes.
If you are considering running a job board under your business brand, is the perfect risk managed platform for proving your business idea.
Furthermore, the comprehensive functionality provided by means that your chosen solution keeps-up with your business growth.