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Styled for results

There is much more to any job board design than "does it look pretty?"

The design templates harness years worth of online recruitment experience, ensuring that key functionality is placed where it best delivers results. offers a number of layout templates from which you may select. Furthermore, each template can then be tailored by choosing a color palette that matches your business brand, and by uploading your logo.

Via the administration portal, you are able to tailor a wealth of content within your job board - including textual content, menus, banners, news articles, testimonials and other key elements.

Get your branded job board now!

Setting up a job board, and styling it to match your brand is simple, can be done in minutes, and takes only 6-easy steps.
Through the administration portal you can change your site content, template, logo and colors at any time - meaning your job board always stays in-tune with your business.

Sample templates

Shown below are the templates available for you to choose from when you setup your site. Don't forget... you are able to change your template, logo, colors and other content at any time.