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Features for Candidates

It does what it says on-the-tin!

Candidates come to a job board to find a job. It doesn't matter how much "supporting content" a job board has, statistics show that the successful ones are those with the job content. boards are designed to make it as easy as possible for candidates to find jobs that meet their requirements. This is then followed by a smooth, streamlined application process - supported by both "LinkedIn registration" and "Facebook registration" options (to further expedite the process).

With candidates being well placed to find suitable jobs (whether it be as posted by your customers directly, or sourced from the network), you maximize the number of applications your site delivers. This not only builds good feedback from customers, but also helps establish your site through word-of-mouth.

Get your visitors sticky

It is not always going to be that a visitor will come to your job board and immediately find a job(s) that meets their needs.

The job board provides a wealth of functionality to support job seekers, such as jobs-by-email, jobs-by-RSS and email a job to-a-friend. These functions, amongst others including forums, news articles and polls, help draw candidates back to your site. In turn it maximizes the chances of them having viewed your site positively, making applications, and telling their friends positively about your site.

So long, "chicken-and-egg"...

One of the long standing challenges of starting a new job board is the chicken-and-egg syndrome. Without jobs you can't attract candidates and without candidates you can't attract job advertisers.

The network immediately solves this problem for you. By sharing job content and applications, you can start your board from day-1 with quality job content. This in turn attracts candidates and other recruiters alike, with the further benefit of having confidence that you are able to deliver applications to your customers even whilst you build your own visitor-base.

Candidate features

  • Powerful job search
  • Easy application process
  • Jobs by email/RSS
  • Candidate registration
  • Facebook & LinkedIn integration
  • Job Shortlist
  • CV/profile builder
  • Multiple CV library
  • Email job to a friend
  • Application history
  • Forum
  • Online polls
  • News articles
  • Social media sharing
  • Search engine friendly
  • plus other features...